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Face security
Face recognition methods, software, security, biometric recognition
With advances in technology and medical science it has become easier to steal passwords, swipe or access cards and replicate a person using plastic surgery, so increasingly biometric identification methods are used to identify the real owner or expensive equipment like laptops and allow individuals to access high security areas like nuclear plants, military, navy, airport areas where the damage caused can be great.The face of an individual remains unique and is increasingly used by security agency officials to identify a person.
In India increasingly harmless domain investors are under close surveillance and their facial characteristics like the shape of their face, position and shape of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, chin are recorded for future reference. The officials will also monitor the skin of the individual for any scars, pimples, boils and also in some cases facial hair. While other features can be altered to some extent using makeup or plastic surgery, the eyes of a person are relatively difficult to change. The person in disguise may wear contact lenses , goggles or spectacles, however other characteristics of the eyes are difficult to alter.
Technology has made it possible for intelligence and security agency officials to attack harmless civilians with powerful radiation weapons to cause great pain , and these officials use a combination of CCTV images and face recognition technology to locate a person and attack the person using invisible directed energy weapons causing memory loss and great pain. In the indian internet sector, one of the favored method to destroy competition, acquire talent, technology cheaply and destroy the reputation of an experienced individual is to get a person labelled as a security threat.
Powerful officials will be bribed by large corporates to make completely fake allegations against a harmless innocent person, so that the person will be defamed for life and his or her professional career ruined. These officials will waste indian tax payer money to make and circulate defamatory videos of the innocent person, making it difficult to get work locally. When the person will enter any retail store or other place with CCTV cameras, face recognition technology will immediately alert the security agency officials who will then attack the harmless civilian to cause great pain, memory loss and leave the person crippled for upto 72 hours.
While the security agency officials are extremely powerful and can ruin the health of a harmless individual there is no open debate whether the abuse of power daily is justified. Even prisoners in a jail can get legal help if the prison warden or officials will beat them up, the harmless innocent civilian being tortured by the cruel corrupt security officials especially in panaji, goa, causing great pain, has almost no way to even find out the names, designation and motivation of the officials torturing her almost daily making it extremely difficult to do any work.
The problem is particularly accute in panaji,goa where some security and intelligence agency officials are extremely incompetent and lack personal integrity. For example these officials think that just because a good looking mediocre lazy greedy young women has seduced or offers sex bribes to top officials, they incompetent yet powerful officials falsely claim that the good looking fraud has a btech 1993 ee degree and has a Paypal account without any legally valid proof to give these good looking frauds great powers .
On the other hand, if the real experienced Btech 1993 EE engineer, Paypal account holder is not good looking, the cruel vicious dishonest corrupt intelligence and security agency officials in Panaji will defame her viciously and torture her daily allegedly bribed by google, tata to abuse their powers to cause her great pain. Do these cruel incompetent officials who incorrectly judge a person on the basis of their face only, letting it affect their judgement, commiting human rights abuses daily on harmless civilians, deserve so many powers.
The indian penal code allows a woman to file a complaint against a man even if he will physically touch her accidently, yet there is no provision to protect a woman who is being ogled and sexually harassed misusing sophisticated aerial surveillance equipment, tortured using the directed energy weapons which use high power radiation beams to damage body tissues and cause great pain daily. The indian government refuses to officially acknowledge the existence, location and usage of these weapons, allowing the officials to misuse the equipment for personal gain, greed and hatred.
So while biometric systems which rely on face recognition can be useful for security, they can make the life of a person unfairly and incorrectly accused by security agencies very difficult as there is no mechanism for the person falsely accused to officially correct the mistake made by the security agency officials who may be incompetent or intentionally frame an innocent person for personal gain, hatred.
It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted by cruel corrupt intelligence and security agency officials to spread malicious rumors, cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investor to ruin their health and finances. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to info@webconcepts.in
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