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Comprehensive Time Attendance/Biometric Device along with Payroll HRMS Software ie Complete HR Solution under one Roof
Payroll HRMS
Cloud based Attendance Software
with Attendance Machine
Ver 7.5b
also Payroll Processing Outsource
Employee Self Service Module Within the office through LAN or WIFI Network, Employee login to payroll and go through his details like Leave, Advance, TDS, Gratuity, Earning, Deduction etc Also he can apply for Leave & Advance
Employee Info Employee Details, Letters, Employee History, Current Status, Salary Details & Joining information
Attendance Manual attendance, Excel Import
Import from Attendance Machine
Attendance Register, OT Register, Attendance Analysis
Payslip Components User define able Earning, Deduction, Loan & Advance
User define able Calculation formula for each
Leave Module Leave Management Module with Auto C/F facility
Leave Adjustment, Leave Encashment, Leave Ledger
Leave, Leave Laps Calculation and Posting
Loan_&_Avance Ln Management Module with interest Calculation
Ln adjustment, EMI Calculation with or without interest
Ln Tracking from third Customer with disbursement
Ln Ledger, Balance Summary, Monthly Recovery
Reimbursement Master Creation, Allotment, Used, Balance Reports & C/f to Next year
Provident Fund Challans, On-Line Returns & Reports
Profession Tax Challans, On-Line Returns & Reports
E S I C Challans, On-Line Returns & Reports
Labour Welfare Fund Challans, On-Line Returns & Reports
Income Tax (TDS) Investment Declaration, Letter and Submission
TDS Challan, Quarterly eReturns & Form 27A.
Income Tax Projection with investment Declared/Made
Form 16, Form Q-24, Form 12BA & Form 12

M I S Reports Increment Analysis (Percentage, Amount, Period)
Monthly Payment Summary and Salary Analysis
Monthly Salary Comparison & Reconciliation
Advance and Leave In-Flow and Out-Flow
Employees Turnover and Cost to the Company
Letters Offer, Appoint, Leave, Increment, Resignation etc
Circular to all Employees through in-build mailing
Salary Certificate, Experience Certificate etc
Bank Transfer Letter Generates Bank Statement & Text File for integration with Bank as per their requirements
Daily Expenses Amt given for daily expenses like traveling, postage, etc
Expenses voucher submitted till date
Amount balance with them against PettyCash
Expenses head & employee wise analysis & comparison

Asset Management Asset given to employees like Mobile, Vehicle etc
Asset received back from them
Asset lying with them
Cost to Company Total costing Employee, Department, Location wise etc
Clients Maintenance Cost Employee, Site, Client wise etc
Full_&_Final Payables against Salary, Reimbursement, B onus, LTA, Medical, Gratuity, Leave etc
Recoverable against Asset with him, PettyCash, Ln, Advance etc
Summary Statement As On Any Given Date
Import from Excel All Master records & the required Transactions will be imported to the software from Excel Sheet
Export to Excel Facility given to Export the required records to Excel where ever required
Reports Payslip, Salary Sheet, Annual Salary Sheet, Salary Comparison, Monthly Salary Summary, New & Left Employee, Stop Payment, Employee Movement, LIC Premium, Closing Balance etc

Tools Auto Daily Data-Backup
User Activities recording System
Multiple Users Creation & Right Allotment
Module wise ADD, Edit, Delete, View option
Software and Database is protected with Passwrd
Name, Date & Time get saved with each entry

Software Solution Mira Road (E), Mumbai-401107. INDIA. Information listed at no cost to company only for reference.
Companies, buyers, interested in getting more information, please send details to for a listing

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